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Amateur Radio Island Awards Resource

Welcome! I have designed these web pages to assist you with learning more about the many challenging international ham radio island award programs. The original and still the most popular island award is IOTA (ISLANDS ON THE AIR).  To make it more exciting, there are many country and regional island awards which complement the IOTA program. It is important to note that not all islands valid for awards count for IOTA but part of the fun is to research the various awards. Hunting islands, meeting award requirements and submitting applications demands some basic knowledge.


Seeking QSO confirmations is an important component to seeking awards and I have provided recommendations of QSL practices for expeditions and Island hunters on the Island Hunting link. IOTA is now under new management (Islands on the Air (IOTA) Ltd.).  Postage rates have skyrocked creating a problem in obtaining a QSL for confirmation of a QSO. IOTA and some other island awards have recognized this issue. They have improved the award application process by permitting paperless confirmations from Club Log, LOTW and the annual IOTA Contest.  This allows matching QSOs thus saving significant QSLing costs.  I hope that this website can provide you with helpful suggestions to make the process of hunting islands and seeking awards easy and enjoyable. Details of the IOTA program are extensively covered under my IOTA Checkpoint page.  It will provide instruction on developing your own island data base and how to submit an application for IOTA awards. I have also included my Biography including my family, history of my radio activity and interests as well as some information on my Location and Radio Equipment. Enjoy the website.  I hope I have excited you into chasing islands and seeking awards.