Arctic/Antarctic Base & Island Hunting

There are many islands and research bases both above 60° North and below 60° South… Making a QSO with these rarely occupied Bases and Islands is challenging.  Here is another exciting adventure into learning more about our world by contacting these cold and difficult areas to reach.

Antarctica is one of the seven continents but there are no countries.  On the other hand, over 30 Countries have one or more research bases in and adjacent to the Continent.  Some count for separate DXCC countries. Many represent rare IOTA groups. Most bases when staffed utilize ham radio to maintain communication with home and to keep posted on world events. The stories of exploration and expeditions as well as their QSL cards stimulate your imagination and interest in such operations.

In the Arctic, there are many Russian, Canadian and US islands along with a a surprising number in the other countries above 60 degrees north.  Many  meet the IOTA clarification for separate IOTA groups.  Some islands have residents, but many require activation by a well planned expedition.

I have listed several popular awards and information regarding bases and islands in the Additional Awards section of this web site to help you to participate in such programs.