Island Hunting is Contagious

It is fun to locate an island on a National Geographic map, find a resident amateur or encourage a ham to go to the island in need and then make a valid QSO. Even more enjoyable is the opportunity to meet the friendly group of Island Hunters who seem eager to help you work “a new one”. The excitement of the hunt is increased by the tolerable pileups, the minimal intentional interference, the need for only one QSO per island and the attitude that it is not a “life or death” need for a contact.

Many post-covid islands have been or will be activated soon.  Most of the 1200 island groups have been activated at least once.  The good news is that activators are always looking to reactivate the rare groups.  Island activators are also searching for or have plans to put a few brand new groups on the air in the near future.  Stay alert and be sure to read the DX News Sheet or other DX bulletins for islands you may need.

Have fun.  Chase band countries, islands, lighthouses, castles, parks, mountain tops, etc.

The photo below was an island expedition to Fidra Island, EU-123 by GM3VLB and myself.