Island Awards

This short list of some of the more popular Island Awards in amateur radio will get you started. The requirements, rules, cost, QSL requirements and application methods differ significantly so it is important that you research that information prior to application. Rather than supply that data here, I suggest you visit the home page of the specific award for rules and list of valid islands or other resources as noted in my Additional Resource page. There seems to be a constant change in web page addresses so it may require further reearch on your part to find the most recent information. I have included the manager of each award who will be pleased to supply you with up to date information regarding his awards. Be sure to include return postage for such requests.

IOTA -Islands on the Air

Sponsored by RSGB – see W9DC’s webpage
RSGB IOTA Manager, Box 9, Potters Bar, Herts. EN6 3RH, England or the designated Checkpoint for your specific country or area.


Argentina Islands

DIA – Diploma Islas Argentinas – LU4AA Award Manager – P.O.Box 97,  C1000WAA BUENOS AIRES,   Argentina, This award is in Spanish – list of islands at


Canadian Islands

Maple Leaf Radio Society via Garry V. Hammond, –VE3XN –


Chilean Islands – DICE

CE6TBN – Marco Quijada, Box 1234, Temuco, Chile


Croatian Islands

9A6AA, CARA Awards Manager, Islands of Croatia Award


Danish Islands

OZ1ACB Award Manager Allis Anderson, Kagsaavej 34, 2730 Herkev, Denmark


French Island Awards

F5IL REF Union service diplôme BP 7429, F-37074 TOURS cedex 2, France


German Islands

DL2YY – Peter Sifert, Box 1124, D-16535 Hohen Newendorf, Germany


Greek Islands

Greek Islands on the Air Award
GIOTA Manager, Vassilis Tzanellis SV8CYV at: PO Box 04, GR 83 100, SAMOS, GREECE


India Islands Awards

Annilamici Award *** and *** Other VU Island Awards
Manohar Arasu, MIG-6, 80 Feet Road, Kengeri Upanagara, Bangalore 560060 KA, India


Indonesian Islands Award

Stephan Busono W2FB (for DX)
3 Margaret Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873 USA , E-mail / Paypal :


Italian Islands

IIA Award Manager Mario Ambrosi, I2MQP, C/O ARI, Via Scarlatti #31, 20124 Milano, Italy


Insel-Helgoland Diploma

DF6QC, Peter Kordsmeyer, P.O.Box 733, D-27498 Helgoland


Japanese IOTA Islands Award

Yuki Deguchi, 4796 Takashima, Yatushiro, Kumamoto 866-0014, Japan


Mediterranean Islands Award – M.I.A

MDXC, P.O.Box 245, 87100 Cosenza-CS, Italy


Portugeuse Islands

CT1FMX P.I.P Manager :Jorge Santos, P.O. Box: 189 P-2564-911 Torres Vedras, Portugal.


Russian Island Awards

Russian Robinson Club
RZ3EC, Eugene Shelkanovtcev, P.O. Box 70, Orel 302028, Russia


Scottish Islands

GM3VLB, Andre Saunders, 6 Douglas Crescent, Kelso, Scotland, UK TD5 8BB


Spanish Islands

DIE – EA5OL – P.O. Box 75, 46.400 Cullera, Spain


United States Islands

NS4J Awards Manager Jay Chamberlain – 27 Fox Run Lane,Fredericksburg, VA 22405


Stars and Stripes Island Award

AB5EB – Michael Crownover, 3617 Ave 0 1/2, Galveston, TX 77550 or via AD5A


Ukranian Islands

UY5XE – Award Manager Heorhei Chliants, Box 17, Lviv 290000, Ukraine