QTH & Radio Equipment

My retirement QTH is 8 miles north of Seneca, SC on Lake Keowee (Oconee County, SC- Grid EM84mt) and on the south side of the Smoky Mountains which is part of the Appalachian mountains.

This area has 4 seasons of the year with a mild climate and little if any snow. The flowers and wildlife are abundant and the lakes and mountains are breathtakingly beautiful. The weather is perfect for “gardening”, hiking, golf and other outdoor adventures. We have flowers year around in a beautiful setting. Our backyard overlooks the Keowee Key golf course so I manage to escape to the golf links when not chasing islands or countries.

Present equipment includes a Yaesu 5000 D and a SPE 1.3K linear, an R-7 vertical on top of an 8 element log periodic up 30 feet. The rules of my community limit the use of antennas so I am unable to erect a bigger unit.  The tower is attached to the center of the home rather than a freestanding system to gain additional space and approval by the building committee. The tower has a Hazer unit to lower the beam/vertical combination. The antenna system includes the HF and WARC bands 10 through 80 meters. In spite of the relatively low height and nearby mountains, it seems to work satisfactorily.  I appreciate all the help by DX to pull me out of the mud and confirm QSOs by QSL, Club Log or LOTW to help increase my 2400 band-country total. Some DXCC and IOTA island contacts are difficult from this location due to the limited antenna system and mountains but it is a great hobby with the reward of meeting many old and new friends all over the world.

QTH in Oconee County, SC
The shack now with a Yaesu 5000 D and new SPE Linear
Log Periodic and vertical
Satellite view EM84 location in NW corner of SC